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National Gallery Of Canada, Ottawa

With a huge spider sculpture welcoming you at the entrance, you get ready to see the surreal collection of National Gallery of Canada. The Gallery was founded in 1880 and is by far, one of the best art galleries in the world. The beautiful building itself was designed by Moshe Safdie and showcases a wide collection of some of the best paintings, sculptures and photographs in the country.

The art collection by European artists is second to none in the world and artists like Louis-Philippe Hebert, Jean-Paul Riopelle, Alex Colville and Emily Carr among others, truly adds to the stunning collection. 


Notre Dame Basilica, Ottawa

The Notre Dame Basilica was built from 1841 to 1885 and is the oldest building in Ottawa. The present day basilica stands on the grounds of the prior St. Jacques Church that was built in 1832. Today, the church’s Neoclassical and Gothic Revival architecture invites visitors from far and near and its interiors cast a spell on you, as soon as you enter!

The gorgeous alter does take your breath away with every inch showcasing fine craftsmanship while the stained-glass art and vaulted celling multiplies the charm of the building. 

Rideau Hall, Ottawa

Built in 1838, the Rideau Hall is the official residence of the Canadian Monarch and the Governor General of Canada. Take a tour where the Governor welcomes dignitaries from all over the world. The royal furnishings and art work, the grand architecture and the gorgeously maintained grounds- all make the tour rather special. The tour gets you familiar with the history, function and stories about the place.

Stop by at the visitor center to wrap up the visit and buy a few souvenirs.


National Arts Centre, Ottawa

Built in 1969, the National Arts Centre is a major performing arts center that showcases some of the best theater acts in the city. The center is most famous for its phenomenal orchestral performances and has 4 stages- ‘Southam Hall’ (the largest one with a seating capacity of more than 2000), ‘The Theatre’, ‘Studio’ and the ‘The Fourth Stage’ (the smallest hall in the centre).

The building itself is built in Brutalist design with triangular and hexagonal features being the highlight. Amidst the gorgeous interiors and the entertaining performances, you are lost in a world where art truly takes the center stage. 

Alexandra Bridge, Ottawa

The Alexandra Bridge is a Cantilever bridge that connect Ottawa to Gatineau and covers a distance of 1,848 feet. The bridge is perfect to take a bike ride or simply walk along the pedestrian way to see the view of the beautiful Ottawa River. The viewing deck makes it one of the most ideal spots to see the city change colors as dusk approaches and is perfect to see the skyline of the cities located on either sides of the bridge.

During winters, the whole river freezes up and is quiet a sight on its own.

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