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Top food and places to eat in Ottawa


While in Ottawa, explore the French influence on the food of Canada. Try out some snails and sample some French Canadian escargot (escargot is from the French word for snail). Some may recoil at the idea of eating snails, but it is actually quite good for those who get used to it. Escargot can be found in a number of restaurants in Ottawa.


Build Your Own Harvey's Burger

One of the most popular fast-food restaurants in Canada is Harvey's. They offer hamburgers, poutine, hot dogs, and other Canadian fast food. Their gig is that customers get to build their own burgers in their own Canadian way. Harvey's is found in all the Canadian provinces (except British Columbia) and is a common sight in Ontario. It is the fourth-largest burger chain in Canada and perhaps the most Canadian.

Maple Syrup

Canada is famous for its maple syrup - often claimed to be the best syrup of its kind. Much of the maple syrup production is done in the Canadian province of Quebec (just across the river from Ottawa). Next time in Ottawa and Canada, make sure to stock up on maple syrup and make the morning's pancakes an extra level of divine.


Tim Hortons' Donuts

Tim Hortons are ubiquitous across Canada and not just in Ottawa. Tim Hortons is 'the' Canadian coffee shop to go and they are more often than not the drive-thru everyone goes through on their way to work. The donuts at Tim Hortons are excellent and really need to be tried. Next time going to Ottawa, don't forget to try Tim Horton's donuts. Tim Horton's is a place to eat in Ottawa - and all over Canada.


Having BeaverTails on Canadian soil is the quintessential experience when touring the Great White North, especially when visiting Ottawa. Founded over 40 years ago in Killaloe (which is west of Ottawa), this deep-fried doughy pastry captured the hearts of many Canadians and their visitors. Made fresh to order, travelers looking for something sweet, comforting, and simple ought to buy one (or two) of Canada's Beavertails. And yes, they are shaped like the tails of the Canadian beaver!

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